The Greenwood community is passionate to provide an extensive range of excellent facilities for self-discovery and the development of unique interests and talents focused on personalized learning.

Digital Classrooms

As technology affects all human activities, so its impact on education and training is inevitable. The world is now using technology and the internet to share information, investigation, ideas, and so on. So integrating technology into the classroom is to serve the purpose of a better understanding of basic concepts provided for learning and improving skills.

Greenwood high school is in line with the technology. Being one of the cbse schools for 11th and 12th, our digital classroom along with digital educators creates a learning environment in the classroom to provide an opportunity for pupils to develop both academic and 21st-century skills. We are expanding the classroom beyond the four walls and bringing the world into the classroom. Our main intention is to support students in learning and engage in authentic tasks that have a connection to the real world.

Learning with technology creates student-centered environments. Teachers and students become more open to multiple perspectives and are willing to experiment. Digital classrooms transform the education process and universal interactivity between students and teachers. Greenwood is the first CBSE school in Warangal that provides global interactive learning.

Discover New Knowledge (Library)

Entering Greenwood high school opens the doors to a universe of extraordinary resources where students can access the world and discoverability are the central activities. Our library is one of the best resources of the CBSE school in providing in-depth knowledge to the students and discovering new knowledge. Support for finding exactly what each student needs is readily available through the best guidance of our experienced teachers.

The library is at the heart of creating distinctive collections and continues in providing updated information to the students. Special collections about the cultural, historical, and artistic significance of diverse populations and cultural traditions of the world’s settled continents. Specialized reading rooms with a peaceful atmosphere provide access to an array of opportunities from students' projects to advanced scholarly research. This helps our students in unearthing the treasure within. Greenwood high school has one of the biggest library collections among the top 5 CBSE schools in Warangal.

We have special collections on inspirational and motivational. These resources develop self-confidence in students to provide a rich and productive support. The library is spearheaded by exciting research and teaching approaches in making new discoveries. This helps our students to recreate worlds and discover never before insights and discover new knowledge that supports the future world. Greenwood school is always future-ready!

Computer Lab

Technology plays a vital role in the 21st century. In Greenwood high school we have well-designed computer labs for kids with well-educated faculty to incorporate contemporary technology standards. There are enough computers with LCD monitors that are comfortable for eyes, generate less radiation, and thereby keeping the computer lab atmosphere comfortable for children. This makes the Best school in Warangal with all safety measures. Our computer lab remains in the center of most computing activities in the school.

The main purpose of our laboratory is to enhance scientific knowledge and technological research and bring out the capabilities of our students. This also helps students to improve in learning programming, automation, and basic computer skills necessary for the future. Students will be practicing and experimenting with their theoretical knowledge in the lab.

Our well-equipped computer lab is a place for students to learn, think, recreate, experiment, explore, and enhance their learning and scientific abilities. Greenwood as CBSE schools with IIT coaching played a vital role in providing the world with high-quality scientists, engineers, and technologists.

Science Lab

A well-equipped science lab to generate new knowledge, develop solutions, and experiment on their own. Here the students have an opportunity to transform the spark of an idea into new discoveries, and understanding. Our experienced professors will inspire students to write their own science stories.

Greenwood’s science lab enhances mastery of science subject matters, developing scientific knowledge, increasing and developing practical skills, a better understanding of the nature of science, and improving teamwork abilities. Developing scientific reasoning skills will promote a student’s ability to identify questions and concepts that guide scientifically. If you search for the best schools near me with the best science lab you can find greenwood in the top position.


School buses hold Greenwood together. Our school transportation aims to improve the safety, security, and quality of students' travel. Our intelligent transport system helps to ensure pupils would be able to get to school and back to home. Traveling to school, however, is a complex undertaking, not always so easy. To make it more safe and secure, our school system has arranged enough buses. On each bus, we have a GPS surveillance and communication system with Live Tracking to ensure the safe journey. Our well-organized transport system marks Greenwood as one of the Top 5 schools in Telangana.

The buses are well-maintained and the drivers are well-trained with safety measures. The interior and exterior of the bus are well maintained to have hassle-free journeys. On the other hand drivers and assists play a pivotal role in helping pupils get to their destination safely. Assist in the bus held accountable for the orderly behavior of the students while they are on the bus or being escorted.

There would be a special class for parents & students in teaching pupils about the manners they have to keep during their journey from home to school.

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