Children are naturally creative. It is our job to give them the freedom, materials & space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential.

Every year, the academic session of all CBSE schools in Warangal starts on April 1st, We try to complete all of the formalities before the date. In the middle of the year, only a few vacancies may left.

School Calender

We follow the regular academics of all of our schools. The School's annual program is as follows:

  • Summer Vacation : April 12th, 2020 to June 11th, 2020.
  • School Reopens On : June 12th, 2020.

Application Procedure

The application form can be requested from the School's Office. A charge of Rs.500/- is to be paid towards the application form. An entrance test will be scheduled.

Admission Process

Generally, the best CBSE schools in Warangal conduct a small basic written test before they admit the students. It is because to know about the skills of students in the subjects light English, Mathematics, and Science. This exam is to know the standard of students. After interviewing the parents, we expect a successful outcome then the admissions office will provide an application form that has all relevant documents that are used to join the school. You have to fill the application form. Starting here, parents need to pay the necessary enrollment expense according to the charge plan. On accepting the installment the confirmation procedure will be completed. Once conceded, students are required to enhance their level at affirmation through reliable exertion and concentrated work. This doesn't imply that we anticipate that each understudy should accomplish the most elevated evaluation however rather we look to give every understudy a reasonable, singular objective identified with every individual's own capacity. You can also go through the admission process from our website. All you need to do is search as “CBSE schools near me” and find our online application form on the web page.

A student may be expelled from the School on the following grounds

  • Misconduct and moral turpitude
  • Non-payment of School fees.
  • Non-adherence to School rules and regulations.
  • Failing twice in the same class.
  • If a student is expelled no fees will be refundable.

Confirmation Withdrawal

The Principal may whenever, and without informing reasons, request that parents to withdraw his/ her child in the event that he feels that such a course is to the greatest advantage of the School. Parents planning to withdraw the admission of their kids from the following year must dedicate their notification of withdrawal recorded as a hard copy. This hard copy of written and signed notice must reach the school office by March 31 st on the present or current academic year. If they fail to send the withdrawal notice to school before the above-mentioned date the school is eligible to collect half of the annual fees of the next academic year. If the parents try to withdraw their kids during the academic year they have to pay the whole academic year annual fees.


The fees are non-refundable. The transfer certificate, conduct certificate, testimonials, examination certificates, and other important documents will not be issued until the school dues are cleared.

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