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Sports & Games

Physical preparation is granted remembering the solid improvement of body and mind. Throughout the years’ incredible accomplishments have enhanced the Hall of Fame of Greenwood School. Sports, for example, Athletics, badminton, volleyball, throw the ball, Skating, and kho-kho grounds are available at Greenwood. In athletic events, greenwood students achieved State and National level records. If you search for the best CBSE schools near me you can find Greenwood as the best school in Warangal.

Extracurricular activities, NCC

Greenwood schools conduct many extracurricular activities where students can participate in many other non Sporting activities such as Robotics Indian and western music, dancing, drama, modeling, and many others. Students with more effort and commitment are appreciated and awarded. Participation in such activities is the student's choice that can be voluntary. Students are expected to come into regular attendance.

Science project exhibitions

This includes science fairs, project exhibitions, art and craft fairs, books fairs, and more. Greenwood schools always concentrate on Children’s all-round development so we can conduct exhibitions to bring out student's talent. It creates enthusiasm and stage show performance in students. We are known as the best CBSE affiliated school Warangal for our academic excellence.

Counseling cell

We lead directing each month for our students and their parents. The Counselors of Greenwood schools have been moving in the direction of emotions and mental wellness. Greenwood is offering Counseling Services by these prepared experts with the point of connecting with any individual who needs to be heard. Our professional counselors create awareness among children about social concerns, include, behavioral and relational concerns, anxiety, depression, marital issues, grief, trauma, and violence.

Field Trips

As you already know we are one of the best CBSE schools in Warangal we never compromise, we even take children to field trips as well as educational tours. That shows an impact on children in a positive way.

Student communities

The Student Council is dependent on the job of leadership. Remembering the ethos of the school, 'teamwork' is the most significant mantra for a successful administration. It is a generally accepted fact that 'teams consistently win', consequently, the term 'we' is more noteworthy than 'I'. 'Team holding' frames a nearby close to the home relationship through regular and consistent affiliation. Accordingly 'team holding' is essential for 'team-building'- You need to put trust in your team individuals.

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